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Children's book about clocks- Antique Wall Clocks
Follow Christina on her frightful journey from Austria to America and her new home in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

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Christina Antique Wall Clocks For Sale!


Each of the clocks on this page accompanied Christina the Clock on her famous and frightful voyage fifty years ago from Austria to the United States. These are all genuine and all original antique clocks made around 1880 - 1910 orAustrian Vienna Wall Clocks thereabouts.
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Read Christina A Frightful Journey
Austrian Wall Clocks- Win a Clock"Once upon a time in Austria, there were many happy clocks hanging on walls with families and friends – cheerfully ticking away, pendulums swinging, ringing out the hours. The family even gave them names. There’s Christina the Clock ringing out the hour again! Time to wake up! Time to go to school! Time to eat lunch! Time to go to bed!"  Read Christina Here!

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